Past speakers at Venture Catalysts include

  • Mr. Aakrit Vaish
    Co-founder & CEO

    Haptik: 10 things NO one will tell you about being a Founder of a Tech Company in India

  • Mr. Dheeraj Jain
    Managing Partner

    Redcliffe Capital: My investment thesis & road ahead for Angel Investments in India

  • Mr. Abheek Anand

    Sequoia Capital: Building for Bharat

  • Ms. Manisha Raisinghani
    Co-founder, Loginext Solutions

    Loginext Solutions: My Journey of building & scaling up Loginext Solutions

  • Mr. Rehan Yar Khan
    Partner, Orios Venture Partners

    Orios Venture Partners: Insights on early stage investments from an Entrepreneur turned Investor

  • Mr. Ajeet Khurana
    Angel Investor

    Mentor & Advisor: The Art of Pitching

  • Mr. Punit Soni
    ex-CPO, Flipkart

    Flipkart: Learn about technology, product strategy, analytics, design, entrepreneurship, customer acquisition and all the hacks

  • Mr. Sanjay Mehta
    Angel Investor

    Director - Core Media: A comprehensive guide for startups

  • Mr. Navin Honagudi
    Investment Director

    Kae Capital: VC Talk & Mentoring Session

  • Dr. Apoorv Ranjan Sharma
    Co-founder & President

    Venture Catalysts: Demystifying termsheets

  • Mr. Subrat Pani

    OneAssist: Insights from building 'OneAssist'

  • Mr. Mitul Thakkar

    Founder & CEO, Customer360: Insights into customer acquisition & retention


Pitch Day

Pitch Day is a dynamic event that allows anyone with a business idea to deliver two-minute pitches to a panel of seed & angel investors and an audience from VCats entrepreneurship and innovation community.

Prototype Day

At Prototype Day all the interested startups present to one another for the first time. The goals are to make sure everyone knows what everyone else is working on, in case they can help, and to get the founders to start thinking about how to present what they’re doing.

Office Hours

Office hours is a simple concept whereby experienced and successful founders share their time on a voluntary basis, providing one-on-one advice to early stage startup entrepreneurs on the various aspects of starting or running a business.

Review Day

Review Day is an event for your nascent stage product to be tested in front of an expert panel which gives you the Next 3 Steps to take your product to its Beta stage.