Our Portfolio


Siftr Labs is a photo intelligence company and we are on a mission to help world change the way it sifts through the billion online photos which get added everyday. Founded by ex-Adobe executives, the company has developed an in-house deep learning based technology stack, which helps creative professionals discover and showcase their work in a completely different manner.


vPhrase helps companies communicate insights in their data, in words, using AI. The company’s patent pending platform, Phrazor, analyses data, derives insights and then communicates those insights, in words, in multiple languages. It automates the work of analysis and communication which is the forte of expensive domain experts and it does this at a fraction of their cost. The insights and nuances that one can explain via words cannot be explained using charts and tables alone.

vPhrase helps its clients make their internal reports easier to understand for their employees. It does that by writing personalised narratives for each employee highlighting all the important points which need attention. With vPhrase’s narrative based reports, employees spend less time on understanding what has happened and more time on taking actions.


ConfirmTkt is a ticket discovery tool for Indian travelers, which is on a mission to provide confirmed tickets to travel no matter what .We started with solving the train waitlist problem with data analytics & machine learning by predicting the train ticket confirmation chances based on historical trends and also suggesting alternative travel options by effectively utilizing the un-used inventory on trains.

Our algorithms are smart enough to unlock all the hidden and best available travel options to reach your destination by effectively utilizing the inventory of buses, flights & trains .Our main USP lies in suggesting personalized travel options for every user using machine learning algorithms even for a last minute/un-planned travel.

LenDen Club

LenDenClub is a robust credit platform of short term personal loans for salaried borrowers, which connects individual lenders to these borrowers. The borrowers get access to credit and lenders earn higher returns in this mutually beneficiary transaction. The platform assesses borrowers based on traditional and non-traditional data points to find their creditworthiness. Lenders can view borrowers’ demographic, professional and financial data to make informed decision to lend money to them.


Inc42 Media is India’s No.1 new age tech media platform fostering entrepreneurship and the source for digital culture & innovation for the connected generation. We create and curate India specific stories and are dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products and breaking tech news.Attached is the logo


CoutLoot is an end to end fashion re-selling service, which allows anyone to sell preloved (pre-owned) fashion from their own closet & gives an opportunity to brand seeking young consumers to buy sanitized, authenticated & mint quality preloved fashion at over 80% off the current market price of the product.


Vahanalytics was launched in 2016 by Shivalik Sen, Arun Gandhi, Nikhil Tavora and Someshwar Dash, four friends and batchmates from BITS-Pilani. The startup aims to make better drivers and roads through smarter data. It does so by capturing real time data about driving habits and road conditions using smartphones and then leverages the power of big data and machine learning to glean useful insights from this data.


DSYH solves the biggest pain point in Ecommerce Seller Ecosystem of “Reconciliation” across multiple marketplaces from a single window. DSYH is the next generation data analytics Software-As-A-Service Startup disrupting the Reconciliation Space across multiple sectors.


appSAY is a “non-intrusive” formal communications platform with Privacy and Choice to the end-users at it’s core along with customer data security for businesses and organizations. We are cloud-based, domain neutral and not limited by geography which will allow us to scale in all directions both domestically and internationally with very High Retainability. We solve the burning issues of Privacy invasion, spamming and the lack of a Purely Business process oriented platform that replaces traditional means like email, SMS, websites, webchats, social media and numerous apps.


Beardo, men’s personal care and grooming brand provides wide personal hair and body care offerings product through online and offline distribution mode. They operate under two category Beardo & Beardo Lite. The products ranges from beard washes, beard balm, beard & hair growth oil, serum, face washes, beard & hair wax, soaps, beard combs and many more.


Absentia VR is a technology company focused on creating tools and SDK to convert any content in VR content. It aims to revolutionize the way in which entertainment is consumed using the power of Virtual Reality.


GoMechanic is a technology based solution for car owners to find the best service providers in their vicinity. Be it periodic maintenance, denting painting, major repairs, car cleaning or even changing tyres and batteries, car owners can log on to GoMechanic website or app and book the service at a price 30-50 % lower than the normal service stations


Fynd is a real-time listing of store inventory that connects users with nearby offline merchants.


Supr Daily is a subscription brand that delivers daily consumable goods such as milk, bread, eggs, and coconut water to its users every morning.


Innov8 is India’s the most premium coworking space.It was founded with the aim of building largest network of coworking spaces, providing A to Z facilities, amenities required to run a business.

Assure Clinic

Assure is a Skin & Hair care, Hair Transplant and Physio clinic established in February 2016 with an aim to solve different skin and hair problems, provide the best services/treatments to rejuvenate and maintain a healthy skin.